Mobile Applications

Mobile applications is a rapidly growing sector providing brands, agencies and marketers the opportunity to connect with consumers beyond traditional and digital media and directly on their mobile phones.

Mobile applications consist of software that runs on a mobile device and performs certain tasks for the user of the mobile phone. They are common on most phones, including inexpensive, entry-level models.  Their wide use is due to the many functions they perform, including providing user interfaces for basic telephony and messaging services, as well as for advanced services such as games and videos.  Other examples include tools for downloading and reading blogs. Mobile Application Types:         Games Customer self service – Registration – Reservation – Service tracking           E-commerce – E-shop – Classifieds           Marketing – Campaigns – Product catalogue – Interactive test drives – Promotions           Communication – Push notification – SMS, e-mail, FB,…. Integration           References – Directories – E-books – News – City guides – Weather           Multimedia Productivity – Work process automation – Customer service – Collaboration Benefits: – Ease of use – Instant – Convenient – Push notifications – Reach

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